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SBL - Electrical Solutions

We distribute Legrand, a worldclass global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure to transform spaces where people live and work.

A comprehensive offering for: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets. Simple, Innovative, high added-value products, Systems and Services for electricity professionals and end users alike. Adapted, Intuitive and Ergonomic Solutions with a user-centric focus.

Electrical services, SBL Construction in Laos
Legrand Electrical product in Laos, SBL
SBL, Electrical services, LEgrand Product in Laos
Power Protection

If you're looking for a complete solution for power protection, Legrand is the best option. Their products are reliable and backed by a warranty. From Distribution panels to busbars. SBL team will provide you with the best advice & solutions to match your needs.

Power Protection Legrand in Laos
Wiring Devices

Legrand wiring devices are the perfect choice for any home or business. They are stylish, reliable, and easy to install. With a wide range of options to choose from, you can find the perfect wiring devices to meet your needs.

Wiring devices Legrand in Laos
Complete high-performance
solutions building system

Legrand's Complete high-performance solutions building system is a comprehensive range of products that deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for commercial and residential buildings: Lighting control, Guest room management system, emergency lighting.

High Performance Builiding System Legrand in Laos
Continuity of service

Legrand's Continuity of Service Industrial solutions help businesses protect their critical equipment and operations from power outages and other disruptions. With Legrand, businesses can rest assured that their operations will continue uninterrupted, even in the event of a power failure.

Continuity service industrial Legrand in Laos
Superior Performance Service Continuity Energy Efficiency UPS

Legrand's UPS Solutions provide reliable power protection for critical IT and telecom equipment. With Legrand, businesses can rest assured that their critical systems will stay up and running, even in the event of a power outage or brownout.

UPS Legrand, Laos
Cable Management

Cable management solutions help businesses organize and protect their cables, wires, and cords. With SBL's solutions, businesses can improve safety, security, and efficiency.

Cable Management, Legrand in Laos
Structured Cabling Solutions

Legrand's structured cabling solutions provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure for data, voice, and video applications. With our solutions, businesses can future-proof their networks and ensure that they can support the ever-increasing demands of today's technology.

Structured Cabling Solutions Legrand in Laos
Connection Accessories

Legrand offers a wide range of connection accessories to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for PVC pipes, portable products, or chimes and doorbells, Legrand has the products you need to make your wiring installation safe and reliable.

Connection accessories Solutions, Legrand in Laos
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