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SBL - Chemical Solutions in Laos

We offer a full range of specialty chemicals for construction.

SBL - Fooring Solutions
SBL- Roofing Solutions in Laos
SBL - Flooring Solutions
Concrete Solutions

SBL distributes Sika’s full range of high-quality concrete chemical admixtures for Ready-Mix, Precast, Dry-Cast, Tunneling and Mining industry.

This includes water reducers, accelerators, retarders, air entrainers and a wide range of specialty admixtures. We also provide all of Sika’s technologies and grouting materials for specific applications on the job site.

Concrete Admixture  -  Grouting 

SBL - Laos, concrete Solutions
Roofing Solutions

Thanks to Sika’s world leading position in roofing material technologies, SBL proposes both quality flexible PVC membranes (SARNAFIL with a long record of accomplishment all over the world), as well as the complete range of liquid applied membranes (LAM) based on high-performance polyurethanes.

Roof Systems - Roof Repairs

Roofing Solutions in Laos, SBL
Flooring Solutions

Our flooring solutions meet the customer's needs and fulfil a wide range of functions according to the application fields: industrial floors with mechanical and chemical resistance, clean room specifications, commercial / residential floors with aesthetic and low VOC emission requirements.


Factory Flooring, SBL Solutions in Laos
Waterproofing Solutions

For typical applications of below-ground-structures (buildings, tunnels and other engineering structures) and/or for special solutions (drinking water reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants), we provide a wide range of complete systems committed to proven and economic water-tight solutions.


Waterproofing Solutions, SBL Laos
Refurbishment Solutions

Many years of research and development has enabled Sika to provide systems that restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated. Depending on your needs, we will offer special admixtures for site batch mortars, pre-bagged repair mortars, a full range of polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic and cementitious injection materials completed with injection hoses, packers, injection pumps and/or a wide range of concrete protective solutions.

Concrete Repair - Protection  - Roof Repair  Injection

Refurbishment Solutions in Laos, SBL
Sealing and Bonding Solutions

With Sika’s extensive product range, SBL can propose the right solutions for almost any flexible bonding requirement for the interior finishing phase. We also offer structural bonding, including structural strengthening (with Sika CarboDur® and SikaWrap®), anchoring and rigid bonding. For façades with high movement capacity and UV resistance or for floors in traffic areas with chemical and mechanical resistance, our team will assist you with the most suitable elastic joint sealant for your buildings and civil engineering structures.

Joint SealingNail Adhesives Floor Bonding

Structural Strengthening - Anchoring

Sealing and bonding Solutions in Laos
Tiles Setting Systems

Sika Provides Tile Setting Systems Which Benefit Your Project
We provide a guaranteed, comprehensive system approach and supply compatible products that can be used as integrated systems.
Our comprehensive range of products allows you to find the most suitable solution for new and repair projects, both indoor and outdoor, from one private home bathroom up to the largest scale, highrise project.
We have solutions that can be successfully applied in wet areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and more critically watertight projects, such as swimming pools.
Our tile systems enable tile setters to achieve professional results quickly and cost-effectively.


Tile Setting System - Tile Adhesive  - Tile Grout

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coating systems and topcoats are the most important and often only practical solution for the protection of steel against corrosion, acid and fire. Lack of protection frequently leads to problems with the visual appearance of the structure and even more importantly, structural degradation and possible failure. Appropriate protective coatings and sensible, regular maintenance ensure long-term protection of steel structures and can avoid cost-intensive total repair or even decommissioning.

Industrial Coating

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